The focus of Sports Massage is to help the athlete achieve peak performance, remain injury free and support their healing.

Sports Massage uses hands-on techniques to manipulate the muscles, tendons and ligaments in the body.  The methodology of the massage uses several types of strokes to help breakdown tension in the muscles, realign the muscle fibres and connective tissues and flush away built up toxins.

Regular session’s will increase joint mobility, flexibility and reduce the risk of injury during various types of activities.

However, Sports Massage is NOT limited to athletes or those who regularly partake in sports and have an injury related to their activity.  Indeed, anyone in need of remedial and soft tissue work can benefit from this therapy irrespective of their age, gender or level of fitness, making it beneficial for everyone!

The underlying pathology of sports injuries are in no way different to the injuries or complaints which can be caused whilst going about your daily routine, for example postural issues related to sitting at a desk all day, or tension in the muscles caused by the stresses of everyday life.  Many people seek out sports massage merely because it is a deep tissue massage which aids relaxation.

All appointments last for one hour and include a consultation, assessment and treatment plan tailored around your individual needs.

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