What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu therapy was developed in Japan and it is a part of the Japanese medicine alongside acupuncture. The theory behind is based on twelve channels of energy, called meridians, which flow throughout our body. The energy that flows through these meridians is the core of our being and manifests in our body, mind and spirit as organs, thoughts and emotions.

When there is a perfect balance and harmony in the different energies, the body has the capacity to heal itself, however, due to stress, lifestyle and other reasons from every aspect of our lives, the harmony is disturbed and the energetic imbalance will influence our well being and manifest itself in our body, mind and spirit in different ways and common symptoms.

The treatment’s aim is to restore harmony in the different energies using human touch. The treatment involves pressure, manipulation and stretches along the meridians, while the client is lying on a mattress fully clothed. That form of bodywork is very soft and gentle, since it is more energetic than physical.

Working with the body’s energies, the shiatsu is more like a conversation, and by answering the deepest needs it helps the body to heal itself. Since we all have different needs and lifestyles, the treatment is personalized to the individual.

Treatment benefits:

Offer deep relaxation to the body mind and spirit, improves a wide range of physical, mental and emotional conditions (digestive problems, insomnia, constipation, ibs, backache, depression, anxiety…).

Improves energy levels, immunity, and general well being, offers support to the individual during a change or a difficult ongoing situation in life. Some benefits can be felt from the first session, while chronic conditions require a course of treatments. Shiatsu is a way of preventative medicine and leads to a better state of body mind spirit and quality of life.

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