Mindfulness Therapies

Human beings have 50,000 thoughts per day – sometimes they can feel overwhelming. Mindfulness helps us to gain control of our thoughts.

MBSR (Mindfulness based Stress Reduction) and MBCT (Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy) are evidence based and approved methods for reducing the emotional  and psychological  impact that sometimes negatively effects us as a reaction to the many stresses and anxieties  we associate with every day life. These mindfulness techniques, based originally on Buddhist meditation practice, can also be of great benefit when addressing  mental health issues that might result in, for example, very low self esteem or depressive episodes. They have also been shown to be very  effective methods for significantly reducing both acute and chronic pain resulting from injury or from other types of health related issues.

Please see NICE guidelines (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence)


Hypnotherapy is technique that has been used  for over a hundred years in the treatment of a wide ranging number of issues and problems. Hypnotherapy is the only talking therapy that works directly with your unconscious mind. This makes it a very effective therapy and generally clients only need four to six sessions of hypnotherapy for single issues.

The client enters into the hypnotic state via a process of relaxation, this making it a particularly pleasant form of therapy to undertake.

Everybody is different, but most people, when entering into a hypnotic state, feel a pleasant heaviness in their arms and legs; a feeling that while they could move them they would rather not bother. Your eyes will be closed and there may be a similar feeling in the eyelids. You can hear everything that is going on around you and, in particular, the voice of the therapist, but other sounds will start to seem less relevant, your mind may drift a little and you may not be sure whether you have heard everything that has been said, but rest assured your unconscious mind will have absorbed it all. Most people find that the immediate effect — the feeling that you have while in trance — becomes stronger with each subsequent session.

We use Hypnosis both as a stand alone therapy as well as in conjunction with Mindfulness Meditation and/or TIR.

TIR – Traumatic Incident Reduction

Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) is a simple technique which has proven to be very effective in addressing and resolving most of the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other unwanted affects of trauma (physical, emotional, mental injury, hurt or harm).

The theory of Traumatic Incident Reduction is based on the concept that our past traumas retain their  emotional charge (power) over us and continue to have a  negative, harmful, or damaging effect on us because we have not dealt with (confronted) or processed them effectively. Emotional pain like physical pain serves a useful purpose: it lets us know that there is something we need to deal with.

Again TIR is used both as a stand alone therapy and also in conjunction with Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness. When being used in conjunction with other therapies, it  can be a very effective way of reducing the  emotional ‘charge’ associated with a particular issue that might then allow Hypnosis or Mindfulness to be used more effectively and with less impediment.

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