My Background

I have been practicing as a therapist for several years and as a Mental Health Nurse for more than 10 years in private health care and in the NHS.  I have a degree in psychology and a Post Graduate Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and am an accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist.

Because of my experience I am able to treat a wide range of mental health conditions that people, including children and young people present with.

How can CBT Help?

For example, if you are feeling stressed at work, imposed on or unappreciated by your managers and/or colleagues this can have a significant impact on all areas of your life. Using CBT can be a useful way of managing this situation and help you recover the resilience you once had.

CBT can also help with symptoms of trauma such as flash backs and a heightened sense of threat that can appear for no apparent reason at all. Using CBT techniques, together we can reduce these distressing symptoms and work towards eliminating them so that you can return to living without that feeling of pending doom.

Young people experience mental health issues too including depression and anxiety; particularly in this age of intrusive social media where their lives can be scrutinised and criticised without mercy. It can make doing regular activities such as going to school or making friends very difficult.

What some of the problems that can be addressed by CBT?

What I have noticed throughout my career is that anxiety can be crippling and exhausting, people alter their lives in dramatic ways to avoid experiencing that feeling. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Social Anxiety, General Anxiety Disorder and Panic Disorder can all be expressions of the way that we try to avoid anxiety because of the worry about the potential consequences of feeling anxious. I have a special interest in anxiety and have worked with adults and children to help them overcome these symptoms.

Clients that I help include –

Adults- individuals of any age

Children and young people ages 14 to 18

Young people with a diagnosis on the Autistic Spectrum (ASD) who experience anxiety, low mood difficulty adjusting and mood dysregulation for example.

Please feel free to ask more about my experience when we meet, I am happy to share this with you.