What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the ancient Indian philosophy of health and longevity, rooted in Vedic culture. This over 5000 years old prevention-oriented holistic system of medicine, is free from harmful side-effects, promotes a healthy life, treats any illness and maintains good health. In Ayurvedic philosophy, everything in the universe is made up of a combination of the Five Elements: Space (Ether), Air, Fire, Water and Earth. These combine in pairs to form three dynamic forces called Doshas (humors):

  • Vata (Space & Air)
  • Pitta (Fire & Water)
  • Kapha (Water & Earth)

All 3 Doshas are present in every living organism but one or more will predominate, giving rise to certain physical and psychological traits. Keeping Doshas in balance is important for the body functioning to its fullest. We can achieve it by using:

  • Herbs, herbal remedies and supplements
  • Ayurvedic massages & treatments
  • Nutritional advice
  • Advice on lifestyle habits
  • Specially selected yoga exercises

Ayurvedic Massage and Treatments

With the use of authentic Ayurvedic equipment and the highest quality Ayurvedic oils and products we offer a variety of Ayurvedic Massage and Treatments:

  • Whole Body Massage
  • Hot & Cold Stone Massage
  • Face-lift Massage
  • Garshana (dry brushing massage)
  • Foot Massage
  • Abdominal Massage
  • Back Massage
  • Hand Massage
  • Udvartana (herbal body scrub massage)
  • Pindasveda (herbal bolus massage)
  • Shirodhara (Forehead oil flow treatment)
  • Kati Basti – treatment for the lower back
  • Greeva Basti – treatment for the back and neck
  • Hridaya Basti – treatment for the heart area
  • Nabhi Basti – treatment for the abdominal area
  • Janu Basti – treatment for knees
  • Netra Tarpana – Eye treatment
  • Karna Purana – Ear treatment

What to expect?

All massages are performed with the use of warm massage oils, infused with specially selected herbs to eliminate friction, nurture the skin and balance Doshas. In Ayurveda, every recommendation for daily living, the use of herbal oils and treatment programs are individually tailored to each client as each and every person is unique, with a unique mind-body constitution and a unique set of life circumstances.

The benefits

Ayurveda helps clients to relax, to achieve greater health and harmony, and to maintain a state of positive health and vitality.

Ayurvedic Massages are designed to:

  • Increase immunity and energy levels
  • Remove tiredness, stress, fatigue and anxiety
  • Soothe back problems
  • Helps with insomnia and to improve sleep
  • Relax facial muscles and relieves stress lines (wrinkles)
  • Help to eliminate tensions, migraines, chronic head and neck problems
  • Reduce excess of fat and to balance weight
  • Increase circulation, especially to nerve endings
  • Lubricate the joints
  • Increase mental alertness
  • Improve elimination of impurities from the body (detoxify)
  • Reduce high blood pressure

Ayurveda treats the root cause of a disease rather than just the symptoms, works to bring your Dosha into harmony so you can enjoy perfect health and shows the perfect way to live in a harmony with the laws of Nature.

For further information about Ayurveda and Ayurvedic treatments please visit: www.SereneAyurveda.com or email: info@sereneayurveda.com

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